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No AM Radio? Automakers Should Listen To Their Customers

Now I am as pro-technology as anyone you'll find in the audio space, but the reason to be pro-technology is to be pro-consumer. Because any technology that doesn't serve the interests and desires of consumers is a solution that, by definition, nobody wants. And the only thing worse than not being wanted is being UNwanted. So it is with the ridiculous decision of BMW and Tesla to dispense with AM radio in some of their recent EV vehicle lines. Not surprisingly, some consumers are up in arms over this, as detailed in this incredibly poorly written piece in something called … [Read more...]


Pandora now “built in” to all 2011 BMW vehicles

Pandora is now available on all model year 2011 BMW vehicles - and it's operated with the existing, familiar BMW controls. In other words, once you bring Pandora to your car via your mobile device, the user experience is integrated with the one you are already familiar with.  No awkward iPhone manipulations required.  And that moves it even closer to an easy dash-driven radio-like experience. Needless to say, anything that makes Pandora work like radio increases the ability to substitute Pandora for radio. Ease of use (and ownership of the car) is, obviously, a key strength of radio … [Read more...]

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