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Is Social Media for Conversation – or for Broadcasting?

"Social media is for conversations, not broadcasting." That's a common bromide among social media gurus.  But is it true? This matters to traditional broadcasters, because so much of what we do is built for broadcasting - it's built for "one-to-many."  Should we shoot for more conversation or more distribution? Hubspot's Dan Zarella took a closer look at this question: For blogs, "conversation" means "comments."  But Zarella found no significant correlation between the number of comments a blog post received and the amount of traffic that blog got.  Nor did he find a correlation … [Read more...]


Radio’s Attention Deficit

Why doesn't radio get more love given (as we're always reminded) that almost everybody listens to it almost all the time in almost every place? This is one of the industry's greatest frustrations, and it's particularly frustrating when advertisers and others in the know echo themes popular in the cultural ether.  Themes like "Pandora is really cannibalizing radio" and "Sirius XM is really eating your lunch." This is a problem I discussed at length with marketing blogger extraordinaire and best-selling author Seth Godin in a conversation that will post to this blog soon. Usage, Seth … [Read more...]


Don’t Force your Personalities to Blog

It's the lowest hanging fruit of social media best practices:  Let's get our personalities to blog! Yet what I hear over and over is that "our personalities don't want to blog" or "they don't want the extra work" or "they want to be paid more if they blog." Listen, there are two types of talents:  The kind that get social media and are interested in engaging in it - and the other kind.  It is my belief that you should not try to paint lipstick on the proverbial pig.  If the personality insists on wallowing in the mud, let him wallow.  You simply cannot bribe someone to care about social … [Read more...]


How to Be Great

I was reading a post on "what every blog needs to be great," and was struck with the results of this poll: Why was this so striking? Because these results don't simply answer the question for blogs.  I would argue they answer the question for any brand - even a radio brand. How much effort does your radio brand invest in its distinctive voice?  How distinctive is your voice, in fact? It's almost impossible to imagine a distinctive voice that doesn't in some way involve actual human voices.  A "distinctive voice" is an expression of personality, if not "personalities."  In our … [Read more...]


Can’t monetize your website? You need some Remarkable Content

What do we put on our websites? That continues to be one of the questions I hear the most. And the premise is that whatever we put up there is good enough until we figure out what we should put up there, or it's good enough given our resources, etc. But at this presentation points out, there are good reasons we should be focused a lot more on content than we are.  And there are good reasons to make that content "remarkable," which - after all, means "worthy of a consumer's remarks." And here's the thing:  It doesn't necessarily require massive resources.  But it does require … [Read more...]

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