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Canada’s BBM responds to Shocking Arbitron PPM Research

Recently some shocking research on actual Arbitron PPM panelists was revealed in this blog and elsewhere. ┬áThe research was from Broadcast Architecture, and the video I recorded about it with BA President Allen Kepler shocked a whole lot of broadcasters (see it if you haven't already). While I didn't receive any response from Arbitron, I did get one from Canada's equivalent of Arbitron, BBM. The response is posted at Steve Kowch's blog, and I welcome you to review it. ┬áThe response is from BBM Canada President Jim MacLeod. This is my attempt to analyze that response in the context of … [Read more...]


PPM Ratings Horror Stories

Imagine you're around a campfire on a dark and cold night. Is it time to tell a scary tale?  You bet it is.   And if it's a tale of ratings horror, what could be scarier? And if you prefer your horror in audio form, click here. [audio:http://blip.tv/file/get/Markramsey-RatingsHORRORStories321.mp3] Is it too early for Arbitron to go "Boo!"? Nope, it's never too early for that.(P.S. In my world 88% plus 22% does not really equal 100%) … [Read more...]

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