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Does your Radio Positioning Suck?

"If you repeat something often enough, folks will believe it." That's one of those old radio maxims that results from years of radio stations repeating positioning messages and years of consumers repeating them back to us. But do they really believe the messages? Or are they just skilled at repeating them back to us? And what if the message they're repeating isn't credible? And what if you know it isn't credible and they know it isn't credible? Or, worse, what if they don't care whether it's credible or not? In other words, what if your message matters much more to you than to … [Read more...]


Radio’s Social Media Performance is Pathetic

Worse than pathetic:  Atrocious. Let's assess... First, let me be clear:  I'm not talking so much about public radio - the service-oriented folks - but about commercial radio - the folks who make the money and have all the incentive to make more. The average commercial radio station - and here I'm talking about the average one with a website or maybe even the average one with an online radio stream, neither of which are quite average - has dipped its toe into social media in the following way:  It has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter feed.  Or one or the other. Great. Let's … [Read more...]

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