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The Future of Radio is Between (or instead of) the Songs

What's the future of radio? The answer is not "technology," although that's part of the answer. ┬áThe answer is to leverage what can't be easily duplicated by people who are much more knowledgeable about and committed to technology than you are. The future is between - or instead of - the songs. Southern Cross Austereo's extraordinarily bright and talented Craig Bruce talked with me about this very topic. We discuss: Are listeners less engaged in radio than they used to be? What will be the impact of pure-plays like Pandora or Spotify on radio? Why can't we find and nurture … [Read more...]


The End of the “Program Director”

The other day I was listening to Fresh Air on NPR. ┬áThe program was closing and Terry Gross was reading credits when she said something this: "And the Chief Content Officer of WHYY is Christine Dempsey." Chief Content Officer? In virtually every other radio station today that's what we call the "Program Director." This is, of course, much more than wordplay. Back in July National Public Radio announced that it would hereafter be known by its acronym, NPR. Wait, wasn't that already what National Public Radio was? Yes, but only in the same way that IBM was also … [Read more...]


Radio made by and for Under-20’s

Here's what I'm sick of: The relentless whine to get more younger people involved with radio in content and management positions. Listen, if you want younger people with innumerable choices - most of their own making - to sign on to your medium, then you have to meet them on their own terms and stop expecting them to meet you on yours. Enter U20. A project from Australia's Austereo intended to offer under-20's a reason to get involved in a medium that has largely left them behind. And that reason is simple:  They get to take control and make it their own. After all, … [Read more...]


Let’s Cut the Crap: Radio starts with People and Content

If you've been waiting for a major broadcaster to say what everyone in any wing of the entertainment industry knows - that entertainment media begin and end with people and content - then get ready for a treat. It's time to talk back to the bean-counters.  It's time to remind your lenders that the only reason you're worth lending to is because audiences - real people - care about and connect with the people behind your mics and the content that wraps around them. This is not simply about how to excel at PPM.  It's about how to excel as brands worth loving over … [Read more...]

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