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You are Invited to hivio 2016 – the Audio Future Festival

There are events for radio and online radio and digital and local revenue and commercial and public and Christian broadcasters, but there's no event for people across the audio space to gather together in one place at one time. Audio is one medium, and hivio, the audio future festival, is that one event. I'm proud to announce that tickets are available for the fourth annual hivio audio future festival - in Los Angeles on June 2 and 3, 2016. Who's on the stage? We have a confidant of Virgin's Richard Branson. We have a digital agency CMO who works for many of the world's most … [Read more...]


Whatever Happened to Podcasting?

[A longer version of this post appeared in NetNewsCheck] "Podcasting" is the term describing the creation and consumption of on-demand video and especially audio. It was the “next big thing” – about six or seven years ago. And today? Not so much. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of podcasting going on out there. It doesn't mean there aren't a lot of people making and listening to them. It doesn’t mean podcasting lacks a place in our media portfolio. But podcasting is most certainly off the media radar. Just ask Google. Google Trends shows that news headlines for “podcasting” … [Read more...]


A Podcast is an Ad for Everything Else we Do

I'm on vacation this week, so my posts will be sparer and pithier than usual (I can already hear some of you mutter "good news!").  But this one I couldn't resist.... Filmmaker and celebrity podcaster Kevin Smith in USA Today: Podcasting doesn't pay the bills, directly "Stuff comes out of it. The podcast itself is like an advertisement for everything else we do." This is almost exactly the same thing Adam Carolla told me about his celebrity podcast.  And it's much the same thing that Gary Vaynerchuk told me about his online videos. In the world of these upstarts (the world we all … [Read more...]


AOL’s Late Night Podcast Promotion Begins

AOL Late Night.... The radio initiative that should have been and never was. Three of the most popular podcasts (you know, those shows that service the same needs that radio shows do) are now exclusively on AOL. I griped about this earlier this week, so 'nuff said. Meanwhile BrandChannel.com reports AOL also just hired Heidi Klum and Full Picture Entertainment, the production company behind Project Runway, to produce “engaging video content, inspiring articles, addictive blogs (and) instructional photo galleries" for the site. This is called the "content business." And … [Read more...]


AOL is in the (Radio) Talent Business Now

Dear Radio Industry: Please explain to me why this deal is being done by AOL instead of you: AOL will on Monday launch a late-night video block featuring highlights from podcasts by director Kevin Smith and comedians Adam Carolla and Kevin Pollak. "The idea is to take these very popular podcasts with their very rabid audiences and find a platform-appropriate way to create a programming block," said Amber Lawson, AOL's head of programming. "We want to tap into their audiences and create video content that is consumable in one- to five-minute chunks." ...AOL will likely add more … [Read more...]


Adam Carolla’s Guide to Podcasting Success – Part 2: The Money

This is Part 2 of my conversation with podcaster extraordinaire Adam Carolla. Yesterday we covered Part 1 - The Fame.  Today we have part of the story that turns fifty million downloads into cold hard cash. The full podcast audio of our conversation is available here.  Check it out. [audio:http://www.hear2.com/2010/05/adam-carollas-guide-to-podcasting-success.html] And now, Part 2... Now, you are heavily involved in the monetization of your assets. You actually are able to derive real revenue for what it is that you do. How did you pull that off?  We went into this … [Read more...]


Adam Carolla’s Guide to Podcasting Success – Part 1: The Fame

Adam Carolla is the host of the world famous Adam Carolla podcast available, surprisingly enough, at AdamCarolla.com.  With more than 50 million downloads in its first year and the honor of iTunes’ “Best Audio Podcast of 2009,” Adam has achieved almost unparalleled success by taking his one-time radio show to an all-digital audience.  So what are Adam’s secrets of digital audio success, and how can you learn from them? The answers are here in truncated form, but I’d encourage you to listen to the audio podcast for the full conversation – including all the funny references to Chuck … [Read more...]

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