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Are We Innovative Enough?

The short answer is "no." In the mediaverse where there are no lines between radio and other media, we have the "permission" of each of our "listeners" to invite them to a relationship with us across platforms. I explore this issue in this excerpt from a presentation I gave with Joaquin Alvarado, the SVP Digital Strategy and Education of American Public Media.  The event was the Integrated Media Association Conference in Austin on the cusp of SXSW. Watch this interchange with Joaquin and you'll get a good sense of where I see radio's future headed (and hear why I think the notion of … [Read more...]


5 Questions to Dramatically Improve your Digital Platform

It's not a website, it's a platform. Or at least it should be. What's the difference between a website and a platform?  And how do you develop a strategy to build yours? Watch this video for five questions that will dramatically improve your platform strategy and help transform it from a digital "brochure" into a site that matters to the people who count most:  Your consumers. [iframe http://player.vimeo.com/video/21345582?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 500 281] Prefer audio?  Try this: [audio:http://blip.tv/file/get/Markramsey-ItsNotAWebsiteItsAPlatform138.mp3] (You … [Read more...]


The Most Important Question you should ask about your Radio Brand’s Website

"What should I do with my website?" That's one of the most common questions broadcasters ask. And it's quickly followed by "Can you show me an example of one of my peers doing a really good job with their website?" There's nothing wrong with a point of reference - unless it substitutes for a digital strategy, as it almost always does. Look, digital is hard.  I know.  Especially when you're profitably selling spots yet still trying to rub two sticks together to build a digital platform. But it gets a lot harder when you dive in without asking what I think is the most important … [Read more...]


Howard Stern will stay at Sirius XM

I have no insider information on this topic, but it seems to me overwhelmingly likely that Howard Stern's marriage to Mel Karmazin at Sirius XM will continue for another few years. Here's why: 1.  Less is More on Satellite Radio A little bit of name value goes a long way.  Howard currently works four days a week with plenty of weeks off.  Has this turned off Stern fans?  I doubt it. And Howard seems to want to work less in the future than he does now.  Call it a "slow fade," call it "part-time, call it whatever you want.  But you will not call it "retired." It's very likely that … [Read more...]

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