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Your Attention will be Rewarded

Remember Apple’s “Think Different” print campaign featuring the faces of legendary Earth-shakers? What you may not remember is that none of these faces were identified in the ads, and not all of them were world-famous faces.

You either recognized them or you didn’t. You were either in the “club” – and congratulated yourself for being so – or you weren’t.

Your attention was rewarded. The marketing became a puzzle, and folks love puzzles.

Likewise, you can watch an episode of The Simpsons several times and see new things each time. This is no accident. The makers of The Simpsons deftly overlay the gags to intentionally reward the kind of attention that comes with repeat viewing.

When you notice these subtle gags, you know full well not everyone does. And that makes the recognition all the more fulfilling.

So I was thinking: What do you do on your radio station that rewards extra attention? That is, what do you do that will cause some of your listeners to pat themselves on the back for seeing or comprehending what they know many other listeners will miss?

If we want listeners to pay attention, we have to give them something worth paying for.

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