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XM is not a “Satellite Radio” company

While we’re sweating the outcome of this or that quarter and looking forward to the day when thousands of HD Radios will be available to an audience that lacks any interest in them, XM Radio is doing deals that will make them more important competitors to Radio tomorrow than they are today.

They’re buying up spectrum for “an entire family of new communication devices utilizing very small, lightweight, multi-function portable phones and advanced devices with two-way data capabilities.”

Put another way, XM obviously views itself as a communications company which develops and facilitates content and distributes that content through as many “windows” as possible. They do not view themselves as a “satellite radio company.”

While we obsess of the “variety of channels” on XM and Sirius, these companies are redefining themselves for the future.

Why XM is doing a deal like this instead of Infinity or Clear Channel, for example, is a question every stakeholder in Infinity and Clear Channel should be asking.

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