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Words to live by in 2007

From MediaPost:

“We really need to think about what it means to be in an interactive environment and have an audience that wants to communicate with us,” says Michael Rogers, a media consultant and “futurist-in-residence” at The New York Times. “When these new ideas come along, things become polarized very quickly – it’s newspapers versus bloggers, user-generated content versus network television.” The challenge for media companies, Rogers says, is to figure out how to “keep the necessary authority that’s taken many decades to establish, but still have our audience participate.”

How “interactive” is your user experience? And not just for some listeners (i.e., callers) but for all of them. Do you have a database or a “community”?

In my experience, most radio stations barely have a listener database let alone any significant stab at community. There are exceptions, and I could probably count them on one hand – or one finger.

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