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Wireless Broadband everywhere – coming to a corner near you

What if there were a national WiMax network, and the Internet was available wherever you can find “at work, at home, or in your car” – and available at lightning fast speeds?

What would that mean for the ways consumers would access their audio entertainment? What would “radio” be then?

Do you think Detroit would add Internet access to new cars?

Do you think Apple or Sony would produce the first radio that didn’t need “radio”?

And when they do, where will the content come from? Do you know anybody who produces radio content, the kind that’s distinctive and scarce and expensive?

Who is positioned to profit from this future?

Is it you?

Will HD radio save you?

Is your station, your group, diving into the new world or sitting it out on the sidelines until you can figure out how your streaming expenses can self-liquidate?

Radio can have a brilliant future, but not if our heads are in the sand.

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