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Will iPods carry Sirius original content?

Based on some informed gossip, it speculates that while Apple is not likely to produce an iPod featuring Satellite Radio, it could very well be talking with Sirius about featuring their original content as part of their podcasting capabilities set to debut in the next update of iTunes.

And that original content includes, as you’ll recall, Mr. Howard Stern.

This means at least three things:

First, it is yet another testament to the power of unique and compelling content. iPod doesn’t need Sirius’s music channels. But iPod can’t duplicate Howard Stern. It can only license it. I have been whining for some time about the relative dearth of national-level compelling content on terrestrial Radio, and here’s more evidence suggesting just how far behind we’ll be left. Even now, I’ve talked with Howard Stern stations who are about to lose Howard and – in one memorable case – the attitude was: Well, the other morning shows in my market aren’t that good anyway, so I’m not really worried. In other words: If we lower our expectations enough, we’re bound to vault over them. That’s no way to create the future, folks.

Second, this will do a lot more for the popularity of podcasting than all the teenage bedroom productions combined. One Howard Stern is the creation of an industry, even if it’s available for a fee.

Third, this will be another nail in the proverbial coffin of Radio. Because now the national-level original and magnetic content will be available automatically on your iPod – and eventually it will be there wirelessly.

And wireless, passively-downloaded entertainment content is what they used to call Radio.

Let’s see, what should I buy? The “Radio” with the ear-buds that gets Howard Stern? Or the HD Radio that doesn’t?


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