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Why Slacker is Radio’s Best-Kept Secret


How can terrestrial radio partner with online radio for the benefit of both?

That’s just one topic tackled by Duncan Orrell-Jones, CEO of Slacker Radio. In this Q&A from hivio, the audio future festival, Orrell-Jones outlines Slacker’s business strategy and how it contrasts with the strategies of more familiar names like Pandora or Spotify.

Slacker’s emphasis is on building a state-of-the-art radio experience and pursuing unique deals in partnership and distribution.

Some of the questions Orrell-Jones addresses:

  1. How is Slacker different – how are you approaching online radio as a sustainable business?

  2. Why is it that we hear less about Slacker than competitors, some of which don’t have nearly the usage Slacker has?

  3. What’s the future of music licensing?

  4. Online ready is top-heavy today with a small number of very powerful players. Where is the business headed, and where does Slacker fit in?

  5. Terrestrial radio often sees online radio as the enemy. But is that true? Are online radio platforms like Slacker friend or foe for conventional broadcasters?

  6. How does your background with a content-driven brand like Disney affect the way you see the online radio space?

Click the video below to watch:

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