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“Why should I come back?”

Perhaps the most important question for a radio station's digital strategy to answer is not "how do we monetize our traffic?"

It's "why should I, the fan, come back?"

What are you offering me that's dynamic, that's must-see, that is ever-fresh?

Indeed, the days of the website as corporate brochure are over.  Yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. Radio Site with the list of personalities and the list of events and the "what's playing right now" and the list of this and that and the other.

Your web strategy should not be reduced to the equivalent of a Wikipedia page.  It should be a "re-imagining" of your proposition (not simply your station) for a digitally savvy audience, which is the only audience any of us will have one of these days.

Nor should your web strategy be reduced to simply your own website – that's exactly why you see many corporate brands now messaging their Facebook page, for example, rather than their own product's website.

Just as our radio stations need clear reasons to return, so does our digital effort.

There is no monetization without a steady stream of new and return traffic.

"Why should I come back" is the most important question you face – right up there with "Why should I come at all?"

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