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Why Radio is slow to embrace change

No sooner had it begun, MGM chief Louis B. Mayer had had enough of this cartoon.

“Pregnant women go to see MGM films, and women are terrified of mice,” he exclaimed. “Especially a mouse ten feet tall on the motion picture screen.”

With that, Mayer stormed out of the screening room, slamming the door behind him, and leaving the cartoon’s creator humiliated.

And so it was that MGM declined the rights to distribute what would soon become the unprecedented pop culture phenomenon of Mickey Mouse from a tiny startup called the Walt Disney Company.

Revolution, you see, rarely emerges from within the four walls of convention, let alone the four walls you’ve been working in all these years.

People always ask me why the radio industry is so slow to embrace change. There are lots of reasons, of course. And plenty of good ones.

But the biggest reason is this:

Change is most likely to come from the outside in.

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