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Why Christmas music works

Ask a gaggle of broadcasters why Christmas music works on the radio and they’ll tell you “because it’s the Christmas season.”

And they would be wrong.

Naturally, ratings for a “Christmas station” are boosted by the fact of the season, but holiday cheer is not unique to the holidays, and if you understand this then you will have a deeper and more meaningful way to market Christmas music – as well as (get ready for it) an argument for Christmas music on some stations all year long, or at least a Christmas music channel on your website year-round (for you AC stations out there).

I have not heard anyone put it as eloquently as (of all people) Superman Returns director and unrepentent Christmas music fan Bryan Singer. Said Singer about the holly jolly tunes of the season:

They soothe you and make you feel that everything’s okay.

Is that how you sell the benefits of your Christmas station? Is that the feeling you wrap around the songs?

Yet isn’t that exactly why Christmas music matters? It brings us back to our fondest and gentlest memories of twinkle and presents and celebration and joy and peace.

It soothes us and makes us feel that everything’s okay.

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