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Who says listeners are bored with radio?

Not the listeners themselves.

In a national study busting one of the biggest myths in the radio business, hear2.0 has found that 74% of all terrestrial radio listeners are satisfied with what they hear on the radio.

What’s more, this satisfaction exists across all demographic groups – even teens.

As my associate Harve Alan concuded: “America still loves its terrestrial radio.”

I think it makes sense to note that only people with problems seek solutions to those problems. That is, as long as satisfaction with radio remains high it will be difficult for competing technologies to do more than nip at its heels (and “competing technologies” will include HD radio, satellite, etc.). Needless to say, heel-nipping takes its toll, but let’s keep it all in perspective.

As for alternatives like iPods and the like, at least some of the benefits offered and costs imposed by these gadgets are different from the ones offered and imposed by radio. That’s why our study was not limited to radio listeners but was open to everyone.

And – and this is a key point – the number of folks in our nationally representative study who don’t listen to radio at all?


Not eleven percent.

Eleven people out of a thousand.

Read more about the findings here.

Or read the news in the Hollywood Reporter.

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