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When programming tweaks are pointless

Another good essay from consultant Alan Mason:

“I dislike the announcers on oldies 101.1 in the morning. I have no idea why I listen to them; I think I will change stations. – 48 year old male Arbitron diary keeper. This comment from a diary keeper really caught my eye last time I was there reviewing diaries. It puts what we do in perspective, if we’re paying attention. While our world often revolves around radio, the listener’s lives don’t. They have kids, spouses, work, t-ball, shopping for the food, and hundreds of other things that rate above radio. While we tend to over-think radio to the point of discussing whether it’s better to come out of a stopset with a power, listeners under-think it to the point of not really knowing why they listen. If that’s true, and I believe it is, shouldn’t our work effort be directed to those things that give the listeners reason to listen, something so unique and different that our station stands out from the rest? What will you be spending your time on today? Tweaking Selector and perfecting the music, or focusing on what makes your station different?
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