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When Confusion Reigns, there is no Winner

From today’s All Access:

The RAB and TELEVISION BUREAU OF ADVERTISING continue their sniping over the RADIO AD EFFECTIVENESS LAB’s recent study touting radio’s ROI advantage, with RAB Pres./CEO and RAEL co-Chair GARY FRIES responding to the TVB’s assertions that the RAEL study showed local TV to be more effective. FRIES called the TVB’s conclusions “erroneous… we are disappointed that the TVB elected to misrepresent our study’s findings, rather than contact us with any questions.” The RAB says that the TVB “plucked out partial data that indicated that the TV campaigns RAEL tested delivered more sales results than the radio campaigns in the study, without disclosing that the TV effects came at more than twice the advertising cost of the radio results. In short, the TVB is asking you to look at Return without looking at Investment.” The RAEL/RAB response also deals with the TVB’s complaint that the study does not address local TV spots (“the TVB is welcome to conduct its own million-dollar study of ROI to seek a more precise answer to that question”) and the TVB’s contention that the lift in sales produced by TV with the least radio was biggest and radio alone was smallest (“the statistics, and good research practice, do not support TVB’s conclusion. As detailed in the full research paper, the radio results were statistically equivalent with and without TV, and it’s inappropriate to claim that radio’s impact varied between those cells.”

My comments:

Fair enough! Some good responses.

But you can see how the bewildered agency executive would skim through this debate and rapidly come to the conclusion that they don’t know who to believe.

The fog of war favors neither army.

Unless one’s a lot bigger.

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