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What your station’s blog should be

CBS is doing it right, as quoted from this article: is launching a series of blogs relating to CBS primetime programs. The programs’ actors, writers and producers will collaborate to create blogs that give audiences insider information on the filming of the shows. This launch comes a little over a month after began serving podcasts. Larry Kramer, president, CBS Digital Media, notes, “The public’s appetite for personal blogs continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and so it only makes sense to offer the stars and creative talent of America’s most watched network to this growing audience. Additionally, we’re confident these blogs will help drive traffic to our sites, while also increasing the visibility of these series on a whole new platform and build an even stronger relationship with the viewers.”

Get it? The purpose of the blogs is to drive traffic to the sites which boomerangs that traffic back to the shows themselves. It’s an audience engine, not an ad revenue one.

And “behind the scenes” info is exactly the right content angle for these blogs.

Do you have a blog yet for your station or your morning show? Is it a dull distillation of your promotional events and sales opportunities? Is it purely music-centric? Or…

…does it take the audience behind the scenes and add exactly the kind of extra value the viewers of a DVD get from the extras?

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