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What Radio Can Learn from TV


…and what TV learned from the Serial podcast.

Disruption is rampaging through the TV industry, and there are a lot of lessons there for radio.

That’s according to a great source: TV Guide Executive Editor Michael Schneider, who also c0-hosts the excellent KCRW podcast The Spinoff. Mike spoke with me at hivio, the audio future festival in Los Angeles.

Here are just some of the questions we covered:

  1. How do TV people see audio?

  2. What can the audio space learn from the TV space?

  3. We tend to silo in audio – podcasting, online radio, terrestrial radio….That doesn’t exist in TV despite all the new platforms. Everyone’s in all forms of distribution. Why?

  4. As a participant in the audio space through podcasting, what do you see as the strengths of that space?

  5. You say folks in the TV space are looking at the success of podcasts like Serial and reacting to that. How?

  6. How important is it for brands to control both content and distribution?

  7. How is storytelling changing in TV, and what might that mean for audio?

TV and radio (or video and audio) share many of the same audience and revenue challenges. Watch Michael break it all down.

Click the video below to watch:

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