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What makes Buzz happen for Radio

Okay, so between half a million and one million shiny new iPhones were sold last weekend, and already ten million apps have been downloaded from the new iPhone app store.

On one hand it’s terribly unfair to compare iPhone buzz with the buzz the radio industry aspires to. On the other hand, however, if you want the buzz you need to know what it takes to generate it.

Radio is big and ubiquitous and influential, to be sure. So why aren’t we getting the attention we’re due?

What constitutes news and what generates excitement?

The answer is this: New ideas and the new products and services that realize those ideas.

And not just any new ideas, but those which solve consumer problems and create new consumer empowerment.

Read those last two sentences again.

And then ask yourself what new ideas, what new products, what new services are part of your brand equation, and how those new elements solve consumer problems.

This can be technology – or it can be content.

If you want consumers – listeners – to talk about you they need something worth discussing.

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