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What kind of Broadcaster are you?

A manager or an entrepreneur?

From Alan Webber's terrific new book: Rules of Thumb (Interview coming soon to this blog):

Managers favor efficiency.  Efficiency builds freeways and parking lots.  Efficiency bulldozes neighborhoods and surrenders cities to automobiles.  Efficiency resists change because change introduces friction and friction adds costs.  Efficiency takes the same route to and from work every day – because it's simpler, easier, and eliminates the need to pay attention. Entrepreneurs favor serendipity.  The same things that make cities fun, exciting, and vibrant places draw entrepreneurs to innovation and experimentation.  Entrepreneurs want to know, "What's around that corner?"  They don't want to take the same route to work every day; they want the freedom to explore new paths and discover new experiences.  Entrepreneurs [are] hungry for fresh encounters with daily life that offer the opportunity for moments of insight and inspiration or just plain joy.

Choose wisely.

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