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What is “funny”?


There’s a really interesting show airing now on the History Channel that I can’t recommend strongly enough to you morning radio talents out there.

It’s called “The History of the Joke,” and it’s hosted by the fabulous Lewis Black.

While the show centers on what makes up funny in, perhaps, the specific environment of a comedy club, the implications are much broader than that.

Here’s an overview:

The special is peppered with jokes and interviews from over 50 stand-up comedians working today. From the comedy capitals of New York to Las Vegas and L.A., Black’s hilarious journey uncovers where jokes come from (hint: they go way, way back), what inspires comedians to get into comedy, the historical elements of joking–including slapstick and physical comedy–timing (it’s almost everything), the dirty joke and the science of telling a good one, pain and why it’s funny, improv, the nature of laughter and the role of truth in comedy (it’s the key).

If being funny is part of your daily expectation, I advise you to check out this special.

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