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What I Like about NASH FM

I’m not talking about the radio station (which is New York’s newest Country station), I’m talking about the website.

Yes, I know this is an “opening act” site and not the “final” one.  But in many ways this is a much better “final” site than whatever might be “final.”

Consider what it provides:

  1. A clean, clear representation of the brand and its benefit

  2. The opportunity to listen live one click away

  3. An email entry form to find out more about the brand and, in the process, to gather a permission asset of fan emails

  4. Key social media links

While I could nitpick some of these details, that’s not the point.

Here’s the point:  What better purpose can there be for a digital platform than to introduce your brand, provide a way to enjoy it, invite consumers to join it, and invite them to share in the conversation about it?

You have all those features on your site, right?

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