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What Happens When Ariana Grande Conquers America?

One of the greatest benefits of having a massive music platform is being able to parse the data in interesting and insightful ways.

While all the big streaming platforms mine data in this way, Spotify is making at least some of that analysis public, and it’s fascinating.

It’s all at Spotify’s Insights blog, and you should take a look.

Here, for example, is their distillation of the top U.S. artists by state every day this year (up to mid-October).

At the top of January, Drake and Lorde were battling for dominance:


By May, Lana Del Rey owned the Southwest:


By early July, America was Ed Sheeran country:


And by September, Ariana Grande conquered America, with a couple of states holding out for Iggy Azalea and Maroon 5:


But that’s not all, there’s also an analysis of what happens when a band plays a festival, the top 40 musical universities in America, and lots more.

One of the challenges for traditional radio is that we are entering an time when big data can create big insights, both for those who traffic in music and those who traffic in the wants and needs of consumers and the advertisers who covet them.

Not only is advertising getting smarter (better targeted, more in tune with a solution to the consumer’s problem, etc.), but content is getting smarter, too (the ability to personalize content creates the ability to amass huge pools of data and assess sweeping trends as they’re happening).

Smart advertising and smart content suits both consumers and advertisers.

The smarter your advertising and your content get, the more they will satisfy your audience and the more your advertisers will pay for them.

Yet another reason to double-down on streaming and develop a business model in tune with the future.

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