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What business is satellite radio in?

And this, from Sirius Satellite Radio, via Radio Business Report:

While we have speculated the Opie and Anthony move to air on both XM and Sirius would possibly mean Stern may move back to radio as well with a “Stern Light” version, Karmazin said no. Sirius does not intend to follow the lead of XM in syndicating some of its programming to terrestrial radio. “It was a great deal for Opie and Anthony, but we’re in the business of getting subscribers to satellite radio,” Mel said.

Actually, Mel, you are not in the business of getting subscribers to satellite radio. You’re in the business of maximizing the return on the investment of your shareholders by any means necessary. And the best way to do that is to give consumers what they want the way they want it.

The biggest obstacle to the success of satellite radio is that you have to buy a radio – or a subscription – to get it.

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