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What are your radio station’s Core Values?

It’s not all about the music and the morning show. So many in our industry still fail to grasp this fundamental concept. Folks don’t simply want a radio station that plays their favorites and makes them laugh. They want a station who understands them and reflects their core values. They want a friend. And a friend is someone who is LIKE YOU, not simply someone who plays your favorite songs.

What are your station’s Core Values? How do you communicate those to the audience?

Think this is touchy-feely nonsense?

From Fast Company magazine:

Guinness: “Those qualities of the beer – distinct, proud, individualistic – are the same qualities that our drinkers associate with themselves. It comes right through the heart of the product and creates an emotional connection.”

Luna Bar: “What’s unique about Luna nutrition bars is that the brand honors and supports women. Luna is there to lift us up. [Women who buy Luna] join the Luna movement: social purpose, balance, healthy living, wanting it all. These are very much the values we stand for, and because we have that in common with them, they feel like they’ve found a friend.”

Harley-Davidson: “[A] sense of freedom, individuality, independence, and irreverence has always been part of Harley. We are a tribe that carries on its traditions….”

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