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Veteran Programmer Harve Alan joins Mercury Radio Research

I am absolutely delighted to announce that veteran programmer Harve Alan is joining Mercury

Radio Research as Executive Vice President and a central part of the strategic team.

Harve, most recently Director of Programming, ABC Radio Networks, New York, NY has more than 25 years experience in the broadcasting industry. Previously, Harve had served as Sr. Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel Radio overseeing the mid-Atlantic region. He held similar positions with AMFM, Inc and Capstar Broadcasting, as well as winning programming positions in Atlanta, Boston, Hartford, and Akron. Harve , an industry innovator and ardent supporter of the medium, has developed and created numerous startups and has been responsible for nurturing successful radio stations in a wide variety of formats. He has been the recipient of Billboard Magazine’s Program Director/Operations Manager of the year award.

Harve’s presence on the team illustrates Mercury’s position as the most distinctive and forward-thinking brand development company in the radio research business.

Harve will work from the Mercury satellite office in Minneapolis. You can reach out to him here.

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