Top 10 Rules for Evangelism

From Art of the Start author, and one time interview subject on this blog, Guy Kawasaki, courtesy of my friends over at Brand Autopsy.

#1: Make Meaning. Create products and services that are designed for the higher purpose of making a difference in the world.

#2: Niche Thyself. Bring truly unique and great products to market. Avoid crap.

#3: Don’t be Paranoid. Welcome and actively engage the early adopter freaks and outer fringe folks who embrace your product from the get-go.

#4: Localize the Pain. Personalize the meaning of your products and services by succinctly and compelling explaining how it will improve one’s life.

#5: Let 100 Flowers Blossom. Don’t force customers to use your products in a certain way. Encourage and facilitate customers to create new uses for your product.

#6: Look for Agnostics, not Atheists. Forsake atheists who will never believe. Instead, spend marketing dollars on agnostics who are neutral and can become believers.

#7: Enable Test Drives. Be generous and find ways to share your product so potential customers can experience it.

#8: Provide a Slippery Slope. Make your products and services easy-to-use. Never create barriers for adoption/acceptance by customers.

#9: Foster Team Spirit. Make customers feel part of the team. Enduring companies have a moral obligation to make customers a part of the ‘family.’

#10: Don’t Ask Anyone to Do Something You Wouldn’t. Do unto your customers as you would have your customers do unto you.

#11: Be a Mensch. If you are a true evangelist … you have a moral obligation to share, to care, to service, and to give abundantly with the expectation your actions will make the world a better place.

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