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Time for a new PR firm

Does Jack really play more? Brainerd Communicators, the PR firm for Clear Channel Communications, has sent out data from airplay monitoring by Mediabase, a CC company, purporting to disprove the “urban myth” that Jack format stations have deeper playlists than other stations. For the 12 weeks since June 28th, Mediabase says CC Radio’s Classic Rock WAXQ-FM New York aired 2,181 different titles, while Infinity’s Jack WCBS-FM aired only 1,557. “Apparently, ‘playing what they want’ means playing fewer cuts,” Brainerd opined.

Where do I begin to critique the inanity of this?

Should I start with the idea that a PR firm which lacks transparency diminishes the credibility of its message?

Should I start with the idea that whether we’re talking about 1,557 cuts or 2,181 cuts, we’re still talking about a huge number of cuts either way?

Should I start with the idea that every listener knows that once you get above 1,000 it really doesn’t matter whether you play 1,001 or 1 million?

Should I start with the fact that JACK is not designed to be a Classic Rock station, so why is a Classic Rock station legiitimizing JACK in its public pronouncements?

Should I start with the between-the-lines message that WAXQ has evidently changed format from every other Classic Rock in the country – without telling the audience?

It’s time for Clear Channel to hire a new PR firm.

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