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“The Wall” – Music Discovery for Radio

Even amidst the digital onslaught, radio continues to be the number one way most folks discover new music. That fact comes from my research as well as the work of others.

It's an advantage that's shrinking, however. Not surprising, given the infinite number of online resources available to those who value discovery.

So why shouldn't radio get a piece of that action?

I like to say that there are two kinds of people when it comes to music discovery: The kind who want to discover music and the kind who want music to discover them. Radio in its traditional form is for the latter group. But what about the former one?

Enter "The Wall," a brand new music discovery feature for radio station websites from MusicToGo Media and repped by Dominick Milano at Triton Media.

What's interesting about this tool (besides its bells and whistles and the real-time tie-in to the station's playlist) is that it has a zillion links which both promote further discovery and keep people wrapped up in a station's site for many more clicks and impressions. And that, obviously, adds up to revenue opportunities and increased listener satisfaction.

Here's a screen shot (click to view larger):

And here's Triton COO Mike Agovino talking about the new product:

You can play with it for yourself at WPST’s site.

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