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The Salt Lake Tribune — Tune in to Generation X by listening to Eminem

In case you aren’t tired of Generation X yet. And in case you’re still not fully up to speed on their younger, hipper brothers and sisters, Generation Y, here’s a handy cheat sheet of cultural touchstones that characterize each.

And lest we forget, Generation Z is right around the demographic corner.

To know a generation, you have to know its reference points. Here’s how to peg Generations X and Y:

Generation X * PCs and the Internet * E-mail * Bars * Bungee jumping * Cable TV * Fall of communism * Julia Roberts * Tom Cruise * Gap * “The Simpsons” * Talk shows * Madonna

Generation Y * Text messaging * Raves * Skateboarding * TiVo * Abercrombie & Fitch * Reality TV * Ashton Kutcher * Avril Lavigne * “South Park” * Sarah Michelle Gellar * Web-enabled cell phones

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