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“The News – and the Truth”

So yesterday I’m cruising down Rt. 15 in San Diego when I see a billboard for News/Talk station KOGO and their afternoon personality, Roger Hedgecock.

The slogan on the board: The News – and the Truth.

A bit clunky and perhaps redundant for a board, but vaguely … familiar.

Attentive readers will recall this post which was also a Radio Marketing Smart Tip email that moved to nearly two thousand broadcasters worldwide. It recommended that Talk Radio be reconceptualized as “The Truth.” That was the first place you’ll find a strategy like this – until now, when it’s up on the KOGO board.

Naturally, I don’t mind my notions being appropriated – otherwise I wouldn’t give them away for free.

Unfortunately KOGO is not taking this concept nearly far enough so it will invariably fail to achieve its maximum impact. You don’t buy ketchup unless the bottle conains ketchup from top to bottom. A “brand” and a “slogan” are not two words for the same thing. But in Radio, we don’t often recognize the difference.

Chalk it up as an opportunity lost.

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