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The latest from Sirius and what it means to you

Besides the snappy styling, check out the second image from the top on the unit’s screen.

Why, it’s INTERNET radio! Or at least the kind of Internet radio that comes from Sirius when you’re conveniently located near a Wi-Fi hotspot.

There is no entity better positioned for a world where consumers get their radio via the Internet than Sirius and XM because they have the known brands, they have the centralized and fast-moving decision-making, they have the control, they have the unique content with a national footprint (e.g., Oprah, Stern, sports, etc.) and they can get the radios made or do the cell phone deals.

And if you’re like me, maybe the hotspots will work where the antennae will not – and my antennae will not work consistently almost anywhere.

The third link is the library for storing up to 100 hours of Sirius content – this is the iPod-like feature, but it’s not nearly as significant as the Internet feature because if folks wanted a radio that functioned like an iPod they’d simply buy an iPod [more here about the Stilleto as an iPod threat, although I believe it is not]

This will significantly increase listening to Sirius via the web, of course, and it’s only a short step to a Sirius-branded radio that is web-only (or at least web-primary but subscription-ready).

Why would they do that? Well, what’s to keep a version of Sirius online from being advertiser-supported rather than subscriber-supported?

[Thanks to Orbitcast for the tip]

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