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The Future of Radio is Visual

As media mix and match, as edges smudge and barriers topple, it’s inevitable that the original audio medium becomes enhanced with pictures and even video.

Not only will this be more engaging to consumers, but it will be more valuable for advertisers.

Case and point: SoundCloud.

This week the company announced a beta “Pro Partner” tier for uber-content makers, rolling out with folks like Snoop Lion, Red Bull Sound Select, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist, The Grammys, Kevin Smith’s SModcast, KQED, and more (from what I can tell, the new features are only present on Snoop’s content for now).

SoundCloud’s signature waveform is now embedded in a giant image that spans the width of the page. Comments left by users pop up as the song scrolls along, much like before, but now the image behind the wave changes like a slideshow. Sound has a unique power to trigger emotions. Coupled with the right images, shown at the right moments during a track, the new visual tool has the potential to greatly bolster engagement, takeaway, social shares, and for Pro Parters that get creative–revenue.

Audio, in other words, is becoming video.

Are you ready to broadcast and to stream with pictures?

And no, I don’t mean just album covers and artists.

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