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The Future of Radio and Podcasting

I always enjoy chatting with someone knee-deep in technology who is not “of radio” but understands radio and the larger world of audio (which, itself, is part of the larger world of media, but you get the idea).

Rob Greenlee is – no exaggeration – a podcasting pioneer. Currently Content Manager, Podcasts on Windows Phone and Zune at Microsoft, Rob produces the audio journal “My Digital Life,” and he interviewed me about the future of radio and podcasting on and off the dashboard.

There’s a lot of good stuff packed in here. I recommend you give it a listen – even if it’s on your commute and substituting for that radio station you usually tune in (sorry!).

Topics include:

  1. The rise of “other” – and the limits of attention

  2. A summary of changes in AQH Ratings for radio (the numbers are not pretty)

  3. How are major broadcasters adjusting to the “new world”?

  4. How does radio use more of the abundant content that lives in digital form?

  5. Why the car dashboard conversation is all wrong

  6. What’s the place for satellite radio in this mix?

  7. Why it’s not about the future of radio, it’s about the future of attention

  8. What it really means when Adam Carolla says “I’ll never go back to radio”

  9. Why truth beats wishful thinking

What? All that in less than an hour? You bet! Here’s the player:

And thanks to Rob Greenlee for being so generous with his time and his questions!

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