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The end of Jingles and the rise of Anthems

If jingles have fallen out of fashion with Madison Avenue, then what does that say about their utility on your radio station? Jingles on TV spots are a dead or dying breed – making way in large part for songs from your youth. Anthems, if you will.

If, as this article says, effective jingles require “head-banging repetition” and have “to insinuate [themselves] into your consciousness, whereas a song from your childhood is already there,” then what is the role of jingles on your station?

Do you hear your listeners fondly hum along to your jingles, as they used to for the nostalgic gems from the big AM Top 40 stations of the 60’s and 70’s – a time when TV jingles like “Plop plop fizz fizz….” and “hold the pickles hold the lettuce…” were all the rage?

If your station needs an audio signature (which is what a jingle is supposed to be) is the traditional jingle the best way to create that signature?

Or is it just a signpost from that nostalgic era when Andy and Opie were a-goin’ fishin’?

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