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The difference between Good Buzz and Bad Buzz

From Radio Ink:

Radio Show Behind ‘Don’t Vote’ Billboards The “Don’t Vote” billboards that upset some observers around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul is part of a campaign for the Dave Ryan morning show. The “Don’t Vote” message has been updated to read “Don’t Vote for Dave,” a reference to morning radio host Dave Ryan of KDWB-FM. The sign tells viewers to “Make your vote count!” next to a photo of Ryan, wearing an Uncle Sam outfit and giving the thumbs up. The billboards sprung up in Minneapolis, St. Paul and its suburbs earlier this month. Several were in areas with large minority populations, leading the NAACP and other groups to criticize the suggestion that citizens shouldn’t vote. Even Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak weighed in, criticizing the timing of the campaign and saying it was the wrong time to play with people’s emotions over voting.

Here’s my question: Does KDWB believe this kind of nonsense actually works? And by “works” I mean “generates listenership and or loyalty,” not “generates random, directionless, predominantly negative attention.”

When oh when will we stop mistaking random chatter about a station – much of it negative – for word-of-mouth – all of it positive?

Think about it, Radio.

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