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The DaVinci Code as marketing opportunity

You simply can’t do a better job of marketing than the folks who market Christian churches.

Today in my mail comes something from the Canyon Springs Church – a mailer with a DaVinci Code theme, or at least a DaVinci Code hook.

Check out these “DaVinci Dating Tips”:

Most people don’t realize that the Bible is one of the hottest books when it comes to the subject of romance, intimacy, and sex! Come check out some of the hidden love secrets in the Bible….

I’m not sure where the DaVinci part is coded in there, especially given that Leonardo’s love interests were generally of the same sex sort. But still, it’s a pretty remarkable bridge to the Bible for those who have yet to cross.

There’s much more to the mailer, of course. It’s titled “Entertaining questions from the DaVinci Code” – and remember, it’s in my mailbox the very week the movie opens. Despite the occasional protest, the reality is that churches are using this “controversy” to stoke interest, not to stand by as it is dashed.

If it’s not enough to bring you to church, it might bring you to the Canyon Springs Church website, where the mission is spoken loud and clear: “Real Fun, Real People, Real Answers.”

So what does this mean for your radio station, Christian or otherwise?

It means there is no “baggage” that can’t be overcome. There is no bridge that can’t be built. You really can turn a negative into a positive (and a visit to a stuffy church is certainly a perceived negative to those who don’t go).

The key is to attack your challenges and opportunities creatively.


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