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“The coming online radio ad boom”


Nice piece from TargetSpot’s CEO Doug Perlson in Forbes singing the praises of advertising on the Internet radio streams of stations like yours:

The precise targeting ability that online radio promises is particularly critical for the vast, untapped field of small advertisers. Most broadcast mediums, and even many newspapers, are not within reach of the small advertiser due to high upfront costs for ads and the fact that advertisers are paying for a broad brush, thereby creating geographic waste. Internet radio changes the dynamic, allowing advertisers to create and deliver messages to the specific audience they want to reach, and only that audience.

Of course, what Doug is describing is really characteristic of all Internet advertising, not audio Internet advertising alone. Thus, it’s available to all Internet advertisers. Still, radio deserves its fair share and Doug’s company is one of those making that share possible.

Indeed, this is the same premise that power’s Google’s audio advertising efforts. Although Google is aimed at over-the-air time right now, there’s no reason they can’t open that umbrella to include online ads when market conditions make it attractive.

So all credit to Doug for shining a spotlight on one of radio’s growing advantages in a prominent publication like Forbes!

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