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The Booming Business of Podcasting – PodcastOne’s Rob Greenlee


Just how big is podcasting, and how are consumers and advertisers embracing the platform?

That was the topic I covered with PodcastOne’s Rob Greenlee in this spectacular conversation from hivio, the audio future festival. At about the halfway point, we’re joined by “Randall,” the hilarious YouTube icon famous for “badass” honey badger videos (Randall had a podcast running on PodcastOne at the time).

Rob answers these and other questions:

  1. Just how popular are podcasts?

  2. There are a zillion podcasts and lots of ways to consume them. Where does PodcastOne fit in?

  3. Metrics – Where are we on measuring usage such that podcasting can be effectively monetized?

  4. How much revenue is there today in podcasting, and what are the projections?

  5. Why should advertisers pay attention to podcasts?

  6. What is the relationship between podcasts and radio? Lots of broadcasters create podcasts, but almost no podcasts end up being radio shows. Why?

Please watch and share this video:

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Go here for more info about hivio, the audio future festival. The free event for everyone in the audio entertainment and information space.

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