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The best marketing advice we consistently ignore

“Quality is rarely a differentiation idea.”

That’s from marketer extraordinaire Jack Trout.

Say it along with me: “Quality is rarely a differentiation idea.”

Now tell me why it is that so many radio stations have a positioning line that begins with the word “Best”?

No, really, I want an answer.

If we truly believe, as we say we do, that differentiation from our competitors is one of our key goals – if not our most key goal – then why do we continue to engage in this ego-stroking, masturbatory delusion that substitutes for good marketing sense?

No, really, I want an answer.

I’ll give you my answer: “Because it sounds good.” Or how about “Because if we repeat it ad infinitum then maybe, just maybe, the audience will buy it.”

That’s not marketing, folks, that’s wishful thinking.

Get real. Get strategic. Stop wasting your time and the precious patience of the audience. And listen to my main man, Jack Trout.

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