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Strategy, the Disney Way

The Walt Disney movie studio is retreating from a strategy of producing and marketing one-off comedies, Ethan Smith reports, to focus on films that can be branded across its network of theme parks, videogames and commercial products. One example, sources familiar with the plan say, is an upcoming Muppets movie [and the content from their newest acquisition]…Marvel Entertainment.

So what does this have to do with you?

Too often the attitude of broadcasters is to focus on the centrality of the over-the-air product and to treat the digital and off-air brand elements as "extensions" of what's on-air rather than equally important elements in an integrated brand equation.

For example, most stations view their digital assets as "the website in service to the station" rather than the station's digital equal partner.

The former view means, for example, you ask questions like "should we stream our station?" whereas the latter view means you ask questions like "what should we stream to profitably enhance our overall brand portfolio?"

Do you see the difference?

Disney views its various distribution channels as "beasts" in need of feeding.  Not as dumping grounds for throwaway content that costs as little as possible.  

Disney wants to develop assets which can be profitably exploited across all platforms simultaneously.

Do you think that way?

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