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Sirius gets serious about WiFi

…Sirius’s next-generation receiver: a “live wearable satellite radio-cum-MP3 player. . . that could feature WiFi access (as Sirius becomes agnostic to the method of distribution.)”

As I have long said, it makes a lot more sense to distribute satellite radio via a system that doesn’t require the end-user to buy a fancy new radio, and one can only assume that enabling a new radio for Internet reception will also mean that any Internet “node” anywhere will be able to receive Sirius, albeit with a subscription required.

The idea of eventual “radio reception” by portable units linked to nothing but the net is, without a doubt, the direction things are headed. The key is formulating an offering simple and widely understood and well branded enough to win a large fraction of this market. And the folks best positioned to do that are in the satellite radio space.

Now these are assumptions on my part, but logic dictates that they are likely correct, if not soon then eventually.

Coincidentally, Clear Channel – with its extensive roster of online offerings produced under the guise of creating programming for HD radio – is perhaps the radio group best positioned to do something similar, if they ever have a mind to do it.

And I’m betting they do.

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