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She has everything else, now Paris Hilton has a Podcast, too

Yes the actress/singer/heiress/porn star can now add Podcast Princess to her list of occupations.

And it’s got a groovy theme tune, too!

It’s on behalf of her upcoming movie, House of Wax, the remake of the Vincent Price classic.

I have long said that Radio can look to the movie studios for clues on what their websites should be doing, and here’s yet another example. Paris is doing a series of Podcasts leading up to the debut of the movie. That’s because Hollywood knows that building suspense and anticipation and buzz is how you make a hit movie.

It’s also how you can make a hit morning show, which is why Howard Stern stations are all promoting the great new show coming January 1, 2006.

What? You mean they’re not? You mean they have no idea who Howard’s replacement will be, and if they do, it’s not likely to be anybody with star credentials?

That, my friends, is like replacing Spider-Man 2 with a no-name Indie, probably one with subtitles.

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