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Satellite Radio’s taxicab confessions

Yesterday I was in a taxi. And there, glowing from an attachment on the dashboard, was a SIRIUS satellite radio.

The driver told me that lots of his passengers ask him about that radio. And I got to thinking: One of the biggest obstacles for satellite radio’s success is that the average person needs to try it before appreciating it. And here, before me, was a golden trial opportunity.

Just as you can sample the foods at the supermarket before buying them, this was an opportunity to hear SIRIUS “in action” – one that you don’t get unless you happen to wander into the right section of the Best Buy, collar an associate, and ask some questions (questions you know are being answered by a salesman, by the way, not a mere consumer like you).

So picture this: 10,000 taxicabs (let’s say) with 10 fares a day (let’s say) makes 100,000 daily satellite radio “trials.” 700,000 a week. More than 36 million satellite radio “trials” per year. All of them driven by word-of-mouth, not by a salesman on a selling floor.

This could be the greatest marketing tactic for satellite radio that satellite radio doesn’t use.

And it sure beats a bushel of TV spots.

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