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Satellite Radio is not the Bogeyman

I have often argued in this blog that the radio industry’s obsession with Satellite Radio is massively misdirected, and here’s an article which makes the same point.

The Internet is what should scare you, my friends, not the stock valuation of XM and Sirius.

And by the way, XM and Sirius are fully aware of this.

Why aren’t you?

The article also cautions our industry not to forsake the younger generation with little relationship to radio now – the same folks, conveniently, that advertisers generally tell us they don’t want.

The sad fact is that with all the options available to young music fans a radio habit that doesn’t start early may never start at all. As the article’s author says, “securing a relationship with this generation, at this juncture in the market, is critical to avoid the current generational malaise that newspapers now face.”

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