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Rumors of trouble at iBiquity?

That’s the gossip from Orbitcast, completely unconfirmed and unauthorized, of course, from a source friendly to satellite radio:

Word has it that iBiquity [the company behind HD Radio] is experiencing so much financial mayhem that they’ve stopped all projects, both current and future, and are regrouping or possibly worse.

Is there fire where there’s smoke?

I certainly hope not.

And one reader commented: “Interestingly, I don’t find iBiquity listed as an exhibitor at NAB this year, where they’ve had rather sizable displays the last three years.”

True? Or wild speculation? If you have the facts feel free to share them here.


For the record, iBiquity’s PR firm sent me a release indicating that their presence at the NAB will be considerable. Their plan is to nestle into every nook and cranny of the event, I gather. If you attend, let me know what their profile is like.

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