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RIAA Solves Illegal Download Problem!

Congratulations to the RIAA for solving the illegal download problem by slapping lawsuits on music fans.


Surprise, surprise.

Key section: “What people say and what they do are two different things,” says BigChampagne CEO Eric Garland. “People were not willing to be forthright and admit to something that might get them sued. The fact is, peer-to-peer usage is much more widespread than it was a year ago.”

That gives the lie to this claim:

“After last week’s announcement of 261 lawsuits against individual users…there’s a growing awareness that taking music that is not yours off the Internet can have real consequences and people are beginning to think twice before doing it,” RIAA President Cary Sherman said in a statement.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Any radio station targeted towards file-sharing music fans should get out in front on this issue.

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